ConsentLab Leadership Online Training

The ConsentLab Leadership Online Training is for everybody who would like to hold safe spaces based on consent.
I am excited that more and more people are experimenting with consent and my vision is to create a sustainable community based on desires, limits and consensual agreements.

This training is delivered in an online learning community on Facebook with videos and written resources, as well as four two-hour live video seminars facilitated by Matt Schwenteck.

The principles of facilitation that you will learn in this training can be applied to any workshop or event you lead. I invite and encourage you to apply what you learn to whatever material you are teaching, and to experiment with it. The training is also a prerequisite for facilitating the ConsentLab workshop.

What this training covers

  • Basic group facilitation skills, including how to create a safe container for learning, and how to make sure your participants don’t step over their own limits.
  • The particular challenges of events involving touch and what you need to know about facilitating them.
  • Incorporating Somatic Consent into your workshops — what works and what doesn’t.
  • Guidance on designing your own workshops.
  • Communication skills to encourage participants to find their own desires and limits in an empowered way.

By the end of this course, you will have a good grasp of how to facilitate the ConsentLab and you will leave with a solid outline to design your own workshop, if you choose to.

The group is limited to a maximum of 10 people to allow everyone the opportunity to ask questions and present their learnings.

All calls are recorded, so you can watch them later if you miss any or would like to revisit the teachings.

Facilitating the ConsentLab

The ConsentLab is a workshop that supports people to identify their desires and limits in a playful and experiential way. It covers the basics of Somatic Consent, including how to make requests and say no. The workshop is for the general public and holds a clear and safe container with the intention of creating community through intimacy.

In order to maintain the ConsentLab standard, I am asking the people who want to facilitate it to embody it first. While anyone interested in learning about consent facilitation may join the online training, if you would like to teach the ConsentLab, then you must fulfil a number of criteria.

Prerequisites for ConsentLab facilitation:

  • Attend a Somatic Consent Workshop.
  • Attend a ConsentLab.
  • Participate in the 4-week ConsentLab Leadership Online Training and complete the homework. Expect to spend around two hours each week on the call and about an hour each week on the homework.
  • Facilitate several workshops, until you are confident you have the materials and the skills to hold the group container. Completing the online course does not guarantee leadership embodiment - this comes with actual experience in facilitating. For some with facilitation experience, this will be fairly quick; for others with little experience, it will take a number of workshops to gain the skills.
  • Facilitate events and report back on what you learn. Your events will vary in length, depending on your experience and skill level. Some people will graduate very quickly; others will take longer.

What you get as a ConsentLab Facilitator:

  • You are welcome to offer as many ConsentLabs as you like
  • You keep all the proceeds of the workshops you teach
  • You will be listed as a ConsentLab facilitator on the SomaticConsent website and your workshops can get listed on the calendar
  • Monthly group supervision calls with Matt Schwenteck

Dates for the next training

The next ConsentLab Leadership Online Training will run over four consecutive Tuesdays: 18 February, 25 February, 3 March, 10 March 2020.

The live video seminars will last 2 hours long, 6-8pm Bali time (UTC+08:00). The time is negotiable depending on where the majority of people are from.

Cost: Euro 500,-

I am excited to welcome you and to create a community of ConsentLab facilitators.

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