I support sexual and erotic Practitioner

Who is in action and who is it for?

My one on one work with professionals…

…is focused primarily on hands-on practitioners (body workers, daka/dakinis, somatic educators, workshop facilitators, sex coaches, sex workers and other touch professionals), as well consultants, life coaches, therapists, physicians and all kind of teachers.

… to find more ease, joy, safety and integrity in your work, making your sessions safe, effective and satisfying.
You will learn practical skills of discernment, assessment, consent and empowerment.

The core of the work is about the somatic dynamics of receiving and giving – what they are and what they are not, how they really work, how to feel the difference in the body and why it matters. Embodying the somatic basic dynamic changes everything.

I am a hands on practitioner for more than 10 years and have been educating several 100 practitioner of all kind worldwide.
It’s my pleasure helping you make the best of your practice.
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