Somatic Consent Student handbook

You will find maps with linked videos to the basics and descriptions about embodying Consent. 

You will find the detailed steps of waking up your hands, the 3 minute game, how it works and how to play it. 

You will find further maps about embodying Consent on a somatic level, with drawn out maps guiding you to the Somatic Consent Engagement System and how it all fits together—which I came to notice while experimenting with it.       

It is very simplified, but enough to get you started and show you how to find the experiences that I talk about.

It’s my intention that this Handbook serves as a reference for those who’ve already experienced the work in a session, in one of my workshops or learned about it elsewhere.

This Handbook supports as a reference that you can come back to at any time.

If you’ve never seen the Somatic Consent work before, there’s enough here for you to begin with.  

The embodied understanding in this Handbook may take you a few weeks or months to experience fully. I’ve been playing with it for about 10 years and continually find new depth.

Your awareness will increase over time as the practice of waking up your hands and playing the 3 minute game gradually deepens and enriches your experience of somatic understanding.

You might have insights right away, but it’s the deepening over time that makes it really rich. 

I hope you have a great time playing and enjoy experimenting with it as much as I have.

At the end of the Handbook you will find links to Somatic Consent online courses and groups on Facebook to connect with like-minded and like-hearted people from around the world who I’ve shared the transformative work with.

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