This videos are a gift, please watch them in any order you like - recomeded starting at the top.

Somatic Consent Methode Map

What is somatic consent.

Domain Boundaries Limits - Base Map

Whar you have a right to and a responcibility for.

Noticings and Meaning Map

The difference between the noticing brain and the meaning making brain.

Polyvagal Map

Differentiate between neurological states and where the somatic comnsent fits in.

Mixed feelings & Numbnesbar Map

Emotional competency and fluency

Somatic Nervoussystem and Direct route of Pleasure Map

The direct route or pleasure in the somatic nervoussystem

Waking up the hands and 3 components of pleasure Map

The hands are the source of touch and connection

3-minute game Map

The the difference between the original from Harry Faddis and adaptation from Betty Martin.

Engagement Zone Map

Your Base, who is doing the action and who is it for.

Engagement System Map

From the shadows to the base, the Engaments Zones to the Interpersonal Apex of the system.

Communication Map

Conscious communication between Shadows and the Apex,

Interpersonal - Apex Map

Love and care, play, being a gift to the world.

Relationship agreement Map

The 4 Agreements, Base, Permission, Agremments, Being a gift,